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Here at Anvil Paving, we carry out each job to the same demanding and precise specifications. Starting from the original visit to the completed installation, we do our best to ensure transparency and as little stress as possible.


When a customer calls us out to price a job, we will go through the entire creative process with them. This allows us to tailor the project to suit them and to provide options which can help save them money. For example, resurfacing a driveway instead of having to replace it.

We always try to provide multiple options for your driveway or patio and will provide you with examples of how the finished surface will look. We try to break down the Pros and Cons from durability, longevity and maintenance so you make an informed choice.

During design stages, we will discuss lines, curves, steps and other features that will make a big impact to the overall finished work and how it will stand out at your home.


Once we have the design stage completed, we move to the quote stage where we will lay out all the work in a broken down quote. This ensures you understand the work and understand what you are paying for.

Each quote is customed to the client to include each step of the work so you can follow the progress of the work and the estimated completion time of the job.

We rarely ever stray from the written quote and if after consultation, a change is needed, it is done with an updated quote. No hidden surprises or charges in our quotations.


We start the installation which usually begins with excavation. This is the messiest part of the job and can be the most stressful. At this stage, we generally use our machines and lorries to work fast, ensuring all rubbish is removed as quickly as possible.

Any final design choices are consulted on during this stage and once the area has been excavated and based up with new foundation, drainage and other accessories are installed.

The final stage of installation is installing the finished, if its block paving your driveway or a tarmac driveway, we get it down, compacted / rolled in and tidied up as soon as possible.

Once completed, with the exception of resin bound, you can drive or walk safely on it right away. We will give you advice at this stage if for some reason it cannot used right away.

Once you, the customer, are satisfied, an invoice is issued where you can make payment, generally by a bank transfer. Once payment is completed, we issue a receipt and a full guarantee for the works.